PRP Therapy Designed For Facials

In just the last few years regenerative medicine has seen major innovations. Regenerative medicine specifically references a branch of molecular biology and tissue engineering for the purpose of restoring and regenerating human cells. This regeneration also can be expanded to regrowing human tissues and organs. This form of medicine has seen many changes and has been developed to provide new and exciting treatments. One such treatment that has been developed is called PRP Therapy. PRP Therapy stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. In this form of therapy, plasma is used to help rid the body of wrinkles, aid with skin elasticity, and restore hair follicles. The natural degradation of hairlines and skin are both signs of aging, however, with this new technology, new methods can be found to ease the aging process.
You may wonder how the process works? Well, different areas of the body have alternative treatments. However, PRP Therapy for the skin and hair are conducted by using the bloods natural plasma.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is the liquid portion of blood, in which red and white blood cells and platelet cells are suspended. In the protein-salt solution, your blood contains albumin, fibrinogen and globulins. While albumin is a protein, fibrinogen is responsible for clotting the blood, and globulins are chief antibodies that fight off disease. Plasma is valuable to the body for many reasons, the most popular being that it is responsible for helping with clotting and immunity in the body.. However, though a valuable resource for transporting nutrients and maintaining the overall health of a human being, it has proven effective as a facial treatment.

How the Treatment Works

The treatment is completed in a few simple steps. First, blood is extracted from a patient’s veins and placed into a tube. The tube is then placed into a centrifuge. The scientific tool then works to separate the blood into levels or components. Once the centrifuge is done, the blood is separated into three components: plasma, buffy coat, and erythrocytes. Erythrocytes (red blood cells) make up 45 percent of the blood and are the most dense part of the blood and remain at the bottom of the tube. The buffy coat is a combination of leukocytes and platelets. The top layer of the tube is the plasma and makes up 55 percent of the blood. In Plasma, 92 percent of the solution is water. Because plasma is the least dense portion of the blood, it naturally sits at the top of the tube. Once the plasma is separated from the rest of the blood, it is extracted from the tube and placed into syringes.

What are the Treatments?

Once the plasma is arranged in injectable syringes it can be used for a wide variety of beauty and medical treatments. For example, in this blog we will discuss the three major treatments Nuderma Health and Medical Spa offers: vampire facials, O-hots, and hair restorations.

Vampire Facial

Vampire facials are a cosmetic facial treatment that uses the platelets in your blood’s plasma to rejuvenate the skin. By using micro-needling techniques, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the skin and used to smooth out the skin’s surface. The plasma also can be used to help increase the volume of your skin and plump up areas that have lost elasticity.
Micro-needling is when a needle is used to make tiny microscopic holes in your skin. The procedure itself is minimally invasive. From there, the plasma is spread over the face and allowed to seep into the skin and micro-needled holes. When the platelets have absorbed into the skin they increase the collagen levels and elasticity in the skin.
Vampire facials are a great way to give yourself a rejuvenated look without the need for invasive surgery. In this procedure, the process is quick and it is clearly visible. Platelet placement in the skin can help with fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation spots. If your skin also suffers from uneven elasticity, a vampire facial could significantly improve your skin’s overall surface.


An O-Shot is a type of procedure that helps restore sexual function and can enhance the female orgasm. In this non-surgical procedure, platelet-rich plasma is injected into the vaginal wall and clitoris. When the solution is injected into the genitalia, the body naturally is alerted to form tissues and increase blood flow. When this happens, the new tissue provides the recipient added sensation and pleasure.
Aside from added sensitivity, the procedure has proven to effectively decrease pain during intercourse, increase vaginal lubrication, and allows for easier orgasms.
One of the biggest benefits to this procedure is there is little-to-no down time. So, it is not only easy to get but you have no need for recovery time. In many types of this procedure, bed rest is mandatory. However, with an O-Shot treatment, one treatment is all that is needed.

Hair Restoration

Hair follicles and the status of your blood are directly related. As you age, your hair can lose its thickness and strength. Thinning can naturally occur which can make your hairline recede. In the past, people would try surgeries, toupees, and foams to restore their hair. But what if the problem isn’t fixable by hiding the hair or adding new hair? What if you treated the hair loss at its root — literally? PRP Therapy has conducted a new branch of hair restoration that has been proven to work.
Platelets and hair follicles rely on each other to grow healthy hair. If your blood is not nourishing your follicles, your hair is less likely to grow in thick, or at all! If has been found that when dormant follicles are treated with platelet-rich plasma, they actually trigger hair growth.
The benefits of this type of hair restoration is that it is cost-effective and helps restore your hair. So, instead of trying to hide your scalp, you can show off your real, natural hair.

Nuderma Health and Medical Spa

At Nuderma Health and Medical Spa, we offer our customers cutting-edge techniques in medical aesthetics. We give people better, easier ways to achieve their beauty goals, without down time, surgeries, or painful procedures. Making yourself look and act more confidently should not mean that you need to do under a knife or have weeks of bed-rest. If you are currently struggling with any of the above issues, such as hair loss, sexual insensitivity, and skin problems, perhaps PRP Therapy is right for you! If you are interested, contact Nuderma Health and Medical Spa today. We have representatives that are happy to answer any questions you might have.