The Clear + Brilliant difference:

Clear + Brilliant is a safe, non-surgical, gentle laser treatment used to rejuvenate skin. It can be a preventative measure for the effects of aging, or a treatment for the effects that have already taken hold. It is great for those who do not need, or are leery of trying the laser skincare options that tend to lead to more downtime – Clear + Brilliant results in little downtime, if any at all. Patients who have undergone the Clear + Brilliant treatment process report noticeable improvement in the smoothness, brightness, and tightening of the skin on their face.

How it works:

Clear + Brilliant’s gentle laser technology works to rejuvenate skin from the inside out. The energy from its laser yields millions of tiny (as in, microscopic) zones in the skin that allow for treatment to take place. Damaged skin in these zones is replaced with renewed, healthy, youthful tissue.


A single Clear + Brilliant treatment is quick. It takes about 30-45 minutes. The treatment itself is not very painful, but some discomfort has been reported – a topical anesthetic is available as an option to alleviate this discomfort.

The number of necessary Clear + Brilliant treatments varies from person to person, depending on each individual’s desired outcome for his/her skin. Patients have reported visible improvement to skin after 4-6 treatments. At Nuderma Health & Med Spa, we offer free consults, wherein patients can discuss the proper treatment regimen required for each person to achieve his/her desired results.

Clear + Brilliant Perméa:

Clear + Brilliant Perméa is the newest option in the Clear + Brilliant family. It is designed to create luminous skin, and increase/enhance skin’s permeability. The permeability of skin is a key factor in helping with the benefits of skincare products used at home.

The original Clear + Brilliant vs. Clear + Brilliant Perméa:

When looking at treatment options, it is only necessary to wonder if one is better than the other. In the case of the original Clear + Brilliant vs. Clear + Brilliant Perméa, it all depends on each patient’s unique desires and expectations for the improvement of his/her skin. The Clear + Brilliant Perméa treatment results in more visible improvements to skin’s tone and radiance, and the original Clear + Brilliant treatment lends itself more to improving the texture of skin.


Patients who follow their Clear + Brilliant laser skincare regimen can expect to see skin with increased softness, smoothness, and radiance. This laser skincare program also improves texture, the illumination of skin tone, and skin that appears, well, clear and brilliant.
Clear + Brilliant’s results are simultaneously immediate, and progressive*. Mere days after the treatment, skin will already begin to feel softer, appear brighter, and look more evenly toned*. These results can last for months, depending on a few factors (IE: current age, the condition skin is in, how skin is being cared for).

Side effects:

Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser skincare treatment. It was made to minimize any sort of side effects/downtime that one might see with other laser skincare treatment options. There will probably be redness and slight inflammation of the treated area immediately after the treatment – the appearance is akin to that of mild sunburn. Generally, these effects are minimal, and disappear within a day, or so.

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