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Clear + Brilliant

Restore your skin to its natural brilliance
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Why Clear & Brilliant?

• Rejuvenates your skin
• Improves skin tone and texture
• Helps prevent early signs of aging for a youthful look
• Shrinks the appearance of pores
• Reverses the appearance of sun damage & acne scars
• Works on all skin types
• Is noninvasive and non-surgical
• Has minimal downtime

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How it works

Just like the more intense Fraxel treatment, this laser pokes tiny columns of heat into the skin, leaving some areas intact. These so-called “fractionated” wounds are similar to those made by Fraxel (hence the “baby Fraxel” nickname) and increases our skin’s own collagen production, while the untouched areas promote faster healing times.

One Clear and Brilliant session resurfaces about five percent of the skin’s surface, while also helping to even its tone by breaking up damaged cells at the base of the epidermis. 

What can I expect?

You’ll start to see results from Clear + Brilliant with a single treatment, but they’ll keep improving with additional touch-ups. In order to get the best results possible (and to improve your overall skin fitness), we recommend getting treated regularly as part of your routine.

Clear + Brilliant works on all skin types, but it works best on patients who are proactive with their skin fitness regimen and are looking to control early signs of aging. 

Clear & Brilliant pairs well with Microneedling and Hydrafacials 

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