Aging is something many people want to avoid, or at least the physical changes that come with aging—the biggest example being wrinkles. But aging is something we all go through, and while some people choose to embrace their marks of a life well lived, others want to rid their bodies of any signs of the aging process.

There are many treatments, procedures, creams, and other products that are meant to help with the aging process, but not all of the anti-aging solutions are created equal and some will give you the results you want while others just empty your wallet. But we know you want real results that are noticeable.

With advances in technology and skin care, there are many procedures that are non-intrusive and offer great results. These treatments can help to reduce signs of aging, allowing you to feel confident and happy in your younger looking skin. At Nuderma Health & Med Spa, we offer many of these procedures to help you get the results you want. While aging is inevitable, looking older doesn’t have to be.

At Nuderma, we understand that feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin is important. That is why we offer these services, to help you get the look you want. In this blog, we will go over some of the best anti-aging procedures that will help you reduce the signs of aging.


Injectables include Botox and dermal fillers. These procedures work in different ways and offer different results, but both are effective when it comes to wrinkle reduction. Learn more about these treatments to figure out which one is a better option for you.


The first thing that may come to mind when you think about reducing wrinkles is Botox. This injectable has been around for years and while you may picture a person with a frozen and emotionless face, the world have Botox has advanced from that point. Botox is a great treatment option when it comes to wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, like crow’s feet.

For a quick overview, Botox works by injecting toxins into the area desired, which will block muscle contractions that cause wrinkles. This procedure can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, prevent more wrinkles from forming, and can help you look younger. This treatment can last about four months but may need to be done three to four time a year to maintain the desired effects. Botox helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, however, it will not help with sagging skin that a result of aging.


Dermal fillers are injectable, like Botox, but are a completely different procedures and offer different results. When we are young, our bodies produce collagen, which keeps skin firm. The aging process causes us to produce less collagen, which causes a loss in volume in the face, which can make the appearance of wrinkles worsen.

Dermal fillers work to replace this collagen. A gel-like substance is injected into different areas of the face and act as collagen, filling in areas that have lost volume over time. This fills in wrinkles and helps to make your skin appear plump and firm. Fillers are newer to the skin care world, but they are becoming very popular and widely used in many different clinics. They can be used to reduce wrinkles, fill areas of the face that have lost volume, and even add plumpness to your lips. Fillers can help to you get back a natural, full, and youthful face.

At Nuderma Health & Med Spa, we offer many different brands of fillers, which can offer different results. These filler types includes Juvéderm®, Belotero®, Restylane®, and Radiesse®. In a future blog we will discuss these dermal fillers in more depth and explore the differences between them.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are another type of procedure that can help with many different issues—from hair removal to wrinkles reduction. If you are hoping looking to reduce wrinkles, remove age spots, or rid your body of stretch marks, one of these laser treatments could be perfect for you!

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing, also knows as laser skin rejuvenation, is a procedure that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, shallow acne scars, and other small skin blemishes. This treatment uses a laser to remove the older and damaged layer of skin. The pulsating laser beam is used on the top layer of skin that may be irregular, old, and dead. After this layer of skin is removed, new cells are able to form. As the new layer of skin heals, it will appear healthier and more youthful. Your skin will be tighter which will help to diminish the look of the fine lines and wrinkles.

This treatment works to restore collagen and elastin, which is why it helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It can also work to remove hyperpigmentation and broken blood vessels, leaving your skin smooth and evenly toned.

Skin Renewal

Skin renewal is another laser treatment that can help with certain aspects of aging. This treatment focuses on skin discoloration, such as age spots, liver spots, sunspots, and brown spots. These appear on our skin more as we age and can become unsightly. But this treatment can reduce the appearance of these marks.

During this procedure, lasers emit a beam of specialized light which pass through the skin and are absorbed by the pigmented cells in the skin. The pigments react to the laser, break up, and disappear, leaving skin clear and smooth.

Stretch Mark Treatment

While stretch marks are not caused by aging, we may tend to notice more stretch marks are we age, and gain weight. Whether or not your stretch marks are from aging, you may want to get rid of them. The stretch mark laser treatment uses different lasers to stimulate new collagen and elastin growth, resulting in new skin the is tight, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


This procedure is another form of skin resurfacing, but does not use lasers. This is a non-invasive treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells and infuses an active serum that offers a deep cleansing, hydrates completely, and provides antioxidant protection.

This treatment can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce age spots, sun spots, and other blemishes, improve texture, and hydrate skin. This is a great treatment for many people and can help to make your skin healthier and more youthful.

While there are many different treatments, procedures, and products that can help slow the aging process, some of them are better than others. At Nuderma Health & Med Spa, you can find high quality treatments that can provide you with actual results. Get smoother skin with one of these treatments and enjoy looking more youthful! These can help diminish wrinkles, reduce age spots, and more! You can learn more about these procedures by clicking the links above.

Feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about these treatments and find out which is the best options for you! You have to age, but you don’t have to be reminded of it every time you look in the mirror, our treatments can help!