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Refresh Your Skin with Picoway Resolve

Clear Skin with Minimal Downtime

The PicoWay laser is a  laser that is used for skin rejuvenation: treating acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots, and benign pigmented lesions, including café-au-lait spots, lentigines, birthmarks, age spots or sun spots, and melasma. 

Natural Beauty



The Treatment

The PicoWay laser works below the surface, leaving the skin on the surface intact.

The laser targets excess melanin in the skin that causes dark spots, and other pigment.

It also treats acne scars, stretch marks and  wrinkles by creating tiny spaces in the skin layer just beneath the surface layer.  These microscopic spaces encourage rejuvenation of skin through the production of collagen and elastin.

Look Radiant

This skin rejuvenation treatment precisely targets unwanted pigment while preserving the surrounding tissues, so you experience only minor irritation. It also stimulates collagen production, helping to tone your skin and smooth your complexion.

Heal Quickly

Picoway Resolve is a fractional laser.  Only a fraction of the skin is treated, enough of the skin receives treatment to make improvement without significant amount of downtime.

No Downtime

With PicoWay Resolve, stopping for skin rejuvenation can be made a part of your day. Appointments typically last about 20 minutes, so you can even fit it in during your lunch break.

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Does Resolve help with melasma?

Yes, PicoWay laser treatments can improve melasma, but because melasma involves pigment at different depths of the dermis.  Nuderma Health & Med Spa recommends combining this treatment with skin care products to provide for the best possible correction of melasma.


How many treatments will I need?

The number of PicoWay treatments you need will depend on the type and severity of the skin concern you're treating.   Generally, we like doing 3-6 treatments  spaced about 1 month apart.  Again, the number of treatment will vary based on your concerns and other factors.  Everyone is different and this requires consultation and discussion with your provider.


Started Today

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