Tattoos have become a growing part of American culture and along with that there sometimes comes tattoo regret. Tattoos can fade or your tastes may change. Maybe you want part of a tattoo removed or even reinked. All of this can be accomplished with the most painless and efficient laser system available: the PicoWay laser.  PicoWay delivers ultra-short pulses of energy to shatter tattoo ink, resulting in greater clearance, faster and fewer treatments, and an improved recovery time.  PicoWay treats a wide range of tattoo colors across a broad range of skin types. Over a series of brief treatments, PicoWay can eliminate most tattoos.

The ultra-short pulses with PicoWay cannot burn the skin because it does not use heat energy to destroy the ink.  The treatment does not cause the outer layers of the skin to break, so patients enjoy low to no downtime after each treatment.

Can my tattoo be removed?

PicoWay’s advanced technology makes laser tattoo removal possible for most people.  PicoWay is effective on all color groups, even traditionally hard-to-treat colors such as red and green.  The treatment is effective on all sizes of tattoo.  Picoway is also safe on all skin colors.  If a tattoo has previously been unresponsive to laser removal, PicoWay may be able to help.
Simply put, if you have a tattoo that you no longer want, you are a good candidate for PicoWay.

The PicoWay Procedure

The PicoWay procedure is performed here in our office by a trained and certified specialist. We provide topical numbing and if needed numbing injections that can make your experience comfortable.  Your practitioner runs the PicoWay handpiece over your tattoo as bursts of energy target the pigment in the tattoo.  The large pigment particles are broken up into smaller pigment particles that are absorbed and excreted by the body.
Depending on the size of the tattoo most patients can expect to spend about an hour at the office.


The nice thing about Picoway tattoo removal is that your downtime is limited.  Immediately following treatment, the area treated will have mild to moderate redness and mild swelling. You may develop some crusting, usually within 24-48 hours. We recommend applying cold to the area, then applying post treatment care and a dressing.  The tattoo itself can be washed the day after treatment and then daily thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments needed for an individual varies with each tattoo.  Relatively black tattoos generally require fewer treatments than larger more colorful pieces.  A typical treatment number can vary from 6-10.  During your consultation, we’ll offer you an estimation on how many treatments you’ll need for full results.  You may space your treatments out as much as you like.

Does PicoWay still work if the tattoo is older?
Yes. PicoWay is effective on tattoos, regardless of how long you have had them. In fact, older tattoos may see better results, because they’re often less vibrant and color-saturated than newer ones.

Will I be able to get another tattoo in the same place later?
Yes. This treatment is the perfect way to cover older unwanted tattoos.  PicoWay doesn’t affect your skin’s ability to retain new ink pigment. Once your treatments are complete and your skin is completely healed, you’ll be able to get a new tattoo in the same area, if you wish.

How do I prepare for tattoo removal?

The most important thing is to not expose the area being treated to the sun. If you are too dark from tanning, you will not have as effective a treatment and may increase the risk of skin blistering. Therefore, we recommend covering the area for 2 weeks prior to your treatment. Avoiding sun exposure is critical to the success of removing your tattoo. We also want the area clean shaven the day before the treatment. Some patients may have some bruising, especially if they are on blood thinners. Therefore, you must stop blood thinners at least a week before your treatment.

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