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PlasmaPen - Fibroblast Therapy

Revitalize Your Skin at Nuderma Health & Med Spa




This non-invasive treatment uses a device that emits a plasma charge to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, creating a smoother, more youthful appearance. The Plasma Pen also tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and can be used to improve the appearance of moles, skin tags, and other blemishes. The procedure is fast, convenient, and results can be seen almost immediately. Our experienced technicians will be able to guide you through the Plasma Pen procedure and help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

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What is PlasmaPen also known as Fibroblasting?

PlasmaPen is a non-surgical treatment that uses plasma energy to safely and effectively treat a variety of skin concerns. The treatment is also called fibroblast therapy, or “fibroblasting,” because of the way it revs up the fibroblast cells responsible for producing collagen.  The procedure delivers immediate results and can help to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and improve skin tone and texture.  It can be used to treat areas such as the forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, nasolabial folds, jowls, and neck for a more youthful appearance. PlasmaPen treatments are a great option for those looking for a non-invasive way to rejuvenate their skin.

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How does PlasmaPen work?

PlasmaPen converts electrical energy into gaseous diatomic molecular nitrogen and transmits that energized gas in a non-contact way to the skin’s surface from above. This causes a micro-trauma to the skin’s epidermal layer (top layers) whilst simultaneously heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure via thermal conduction. This treatment is also known as “fibroblasting”. Fibroblasts are the most common cells of connective tissue in the body that produce collagen. At about 1mm from the skin, oxygen and nitrogen are mixed to produce an arc of plasma that discharges onto the epidermis. The PlasmaPen or  “fibroblasting” is highly versatile and is very effective in smoothing out wrinkles. tightening the eyelids, and can lift and rejuvenate any area of the skin.  PlasmaPen can: Improve skin tone, laxity, and texture.

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What areas can be treated?

  • Accordion lines – the lines that form outside of the mouth when you smile

  • Acne scars – improvement in the appearance of post-acne marks and scars

  • Crow’s feet around eyes

  • Forehead lines

  • Jowl/jawline tightening

  • Marionette lines – The creases or folds that run vertically from the corners of the mouth down to the chin

  • Nasal labial folds/smile lines – The folds that run from the sides of your nose down to the edge of your mouth

  • Necklines, turkey neck

  • Smoker’s lines – those vertical wrinkles also known as lipstick lines around the mouth

  • Stretchmarks

  • Upper and lower eyelids – Bags and hoods

When do you see results?

Some patients feel skin tightening within the first week or two after their treatment as existing collagen and elastin fibers firm up. 

The scabs take about 5–10 days to fall off and reveal fresh skin underneath, which may appear pink. You may see a difference within the first 10 days, but it can take 3–6 months to see full results, since skin resurfacing relies on increased collagen and elastin production. Your body needs time to produce the new protein fibers and skin cells.

You may need a series of treatments to see optimal results.

Is Plasma Pen safe for everyone?

This treatment is ideal for skin types 1-3. Darker skin tones (African American, African, Latin, Native American, Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian ancestry, and people of mixed ethnicities) may not good candidates for Plasma Pen.

We are committed to safe and effective treatments for all. When in doubt, we don’t risk it! We do not provide Plasma Pen treatments on Fitzpatrick skin types 4-6:

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