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Thread Lift

The thread Lift, is a procedure that safely and instantly lifts loose skin on the face, neck and body. PDO or PCL threads are administered through a basic, in-office procedure with little to no downtime and excellent results. PDO Thread are dissolvable threads which are placed under the skin to achieve immediate lifting and continued improvements as collagen is stimulated. 

Lift   Contour   Restore

The thread lift treatment helps restore the beautiful, healthy “V-shape” to your face. The threads gently stimulate your skin in order to fight the effects of age and gravity. This incredible treatment can be applied to lift skin around the eyebrows and cheeks, reduce nasolabial and marionette lines, contour the jawline, and minimize roundness in the lower face.

Once the threads are situated in the skin, new bundles of collagen will gradually build around each PDO thread and strengthen the skin. This scaffolding supports skin tissue and keeps it in the desired “V-Shape.” When the threads dissolve over the course of 12 months, all that extra collagen keeps the skin firmer for even longer.


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Fillers vs Threads

In the case of a thread lift, for a majority of patients it can be said that fillers and PDO Thread Lift complement each other. The filler helps to bring up the nasolabial fold and fill in any hollow areas.  The thread Lift does an amazing job in the “jowl” area by pulling up any lines that fillers are not able to do adequately.


Depending on how many threads are used and the area treated there will be swelling, possibly bruising.  Generally, there is no downtime and most patients go right back to their usual activities in 1-3 days. The procedure is very well tolerated and numbing medicine is injected under the skin before the thread is inserted, thereby eliminating most discomfort.

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